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Web Apps

Modern Responsive Apps

In 2015 Google announced that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan. Mobile responsiveness is no longer optional if you want your company to appear relevant to the public. Kanzelmeyer Software Company builds modern, responsive websites using the leading front end technology like ReactJS. We follow Google Material Design guidelines to give your users a familiar and well designed interface. When you hire us to build your website we make sure your app is responsive and displays properly on all devices.

Dashboard & Admin Systems

Kanzelmeyer Software Company was founded on building custom web based Dashboard systems. Our first web dashboard was a business management tool used to track online marketing campaigns and phone calls. Since then we have built and integrated web dashboards to track a myriad of data, including customer data, geographic data, and financial data. If your business relies on the internet we can build a dashboard app for you to streamline your daily activities.

Twilio Service Integration

Twilio is one of the leading phone and text integration services. Twilio lets you integrate phone and sms services into your web application. You can use Twilio to record phone calls, connect to leads, track conversion rates marketing campaigns, and much more.

Kanzelmeyer Software Company has extensive experience with Twilio. Here’s just one example: One of our clients generates water damage customer leads through online online marketing. When a someone calls a phone number on the client’s website or marekting campaign we connect the caller in real time to a service provider in his area. We use Twilio to record the call. After the call is complete we save details about the call in a database. Our client sells thousands of calls per year to thousands of service providers in every major US geographic market.

User Metrics

One of the most difficult aspects of creating conversion website is understanding how visitors are using the website. Some user metrics, like clicks, page visits, and url parameters, are simple to track. Sometimes simple metrics don’t give an accurate assessment about the usability of your application. Sometimes its helpful to understand less deliberate actions, like where the visitor is moving the mouse or how much time a user takes to complete an action.

Collecting and analyzing user mouse movement can provide critical feedback about the usability of an application. Kanzelmeyer Software Company can install software in your web application that tracks user mouse movement and generates heatmaps showing where your users spend the most time.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is one of the services on which Kanzelmeyer Software Company was built. With a rich background of engineering analysis and user interface design experience we can help you shape meaningful data plots for your application. Intelligent data visualization can lead to more efficient data analysis. Effective data plots give the kind of high level data trends that are difficult to notice by manually combing through data. Companies who invest in data visualization tools can spot trends make adjustments earlier to ensure a desired outcome.


Software Cost Analysis

How much should you budget for your business software? If you’re in the planning phases and you need to know how much money to budget, contact us and we’ll help you determine a good number. You can generally expect to budget at least $15,000 - $18,000 per app; if your project needs more advanced features, the development costs will most likely increase, but it’s a good starting point.

Design & User Experience

The mobile and web app industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. Each new release of iOS and Android introduces new design standards and User Experience (UX) improvements. Users adapt new designs and begin expecting a similar user experience with all of their web and mobile interactions. Whether your application design needs a little remodeling or your app or website needs a complete overhaul, we can help. We work hard to stay up to date with modern design and UX practices, and our clients benefit from our work.

Deciding to Update

Deciding to modernize your application or website can be a big decision. We can help you decide if you could benefit from an update by performing an in-depth analysis of your application or website and target audience. We focus on object measurements like how many steps to complete a process, time spent on a task, user navigation routes, pageviews, and more. The goal is to determine which aspects are most useful to your users and which features aren't used as often.

About Us

Kevin Kanzelmeyer


Kevin began developing software with simple client and server web applications during his undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech. After graduating he quickly gained interest in mobile applications and continued a pursuit of building high performance data analysis web applications. He also has experience with networking, robotics, and embedded applications.

Joel Kanzelmeyer

Co-Founder, CTO

Joel began his design/development career creating well converting landing pages for online marketing. He was fully immersed in the SEM/SEO landscape, and he built on to that experience in designing and developing a myriad of advertising-centric web applications. Today Joel builds advanced web applications using modern technologies.

Working With Us

Open Door Policy

We believe that you get what you pay for — literally. You pay us for software so we think you should maintain ownership of the software. When you hire us you maintain ownership of the code for the entire development process. We are transparent throughout the development process to ensure that you have as much insight into the progress of your product as you see fit.

Project Estimate Process

  1. Free Consultation - The initial consultation is important for you. You need to get to know us and decide whether or not we are the best for you and your project. We also need to get to know you and learn more about your project. Thats why the initial consultation is free.
  2. Proposal & Estimate - After we have mutually decided to work together we will write a proposal for your project. The proposal is based around your schedule requirements. Our proposals are feature based, meaning if the project cost exceeds your budget we can work together to prioritize features to ensure the project is completed within your budget.
  3. Agreement & Start Development - Once we agree to the project terms we send sign an Agreement and begin working together. lifecycle

Maintenance & Sustainment

What happens to your project after it’s deployed? How will you handle updates, new features, bug fixes, and future releases? We offer support to the code we deliver in many flavors. We can work with you based on what your project demands. If your business relies on high performing software we can work on a retainer model where we are contracted to provided support indefinitely.

If your plan is to hire a full-time developer or team, we can help write job descriptions that will get the right people in the door for your development stack, and provide documentation that helps new developers hit the ground running with your software. If you are going the full-time developer route, we can offer assistance with the hiring process as well if that is something you desire.

Our Development Process

Our clients benefit from our leading software development practices. We believe that our development process leads to sustainable, scaleable, and reliable software. Our process uses the following tools to ensure high performing software for our clients:

  • Source Control Management - We maintain source code using modern Source Control Management (SCM). SCM allows us to safely and quickly develop new software without risk of losing or accidentally overwriting deployed code.
  • Test Driven Development - This model encourages our development team to focus on modular code and encourages performance confidence.
  • Continuous Integration - We follow the Continuous Integration model, which means our code is constantly being developed, tested, and integrated. This model ensures that our code maintains high quality during development.
  • Deployment Control - Code is safely deployed and maintained separately from the development code. Development code can be modified without affecting the live deployed code. Deployed code is released using Semantic Versioning. Each release is tagged with the appropriate version before release.

Recent Projects